Hydrogen production plant

The hydrogen production plant will be located at RESIDUOS ARAGON in Los Pitarcos, an industrial area of Muel (Zaragoza) in the Aragon region of Spain.

The hydrogen plant will be directly linked to and receive electricity from a wind farm in Cabezo de San Roque, approximately 6 km from the Residuos Aragon site.

Aragón And Its Potential for Green Hydrogen Production.

Aragón has great potential as a site for the production of green hydrogen due to:

01. Favourable environmental conditions for solar and wind energy.
This can be seen from the number of ambitious photovoltaic and windfarm projects located or planned around the area. Aragon has Spain’s third highest wind resource (almost 2200 equivalent hours annually) after Galicia and Navarra.

02. The project is located in an industrial hub with a large concentration of companies who are potential users of the hydrogen and oxygen generated by this new plant.

03. The Aragón region is notable for its significant interest in and promotion of renewable hydrogen technologies.
In 2003 The Foundation for the Development of New Hydrogen Technologies in Aragon (FHa) was set up in the region and promoted by the Government of Aragon.  28 entities supported the launch of this initiative, which has grown each year and now has a board made up of 70 members of key importance for the regional economy, including Enagas.

As a result, increasing numbers of Spanish energy companies are developing hydrogen-related projects in the area, which has the potential to become an important European hub for the development of the sector.