The project
Using green hydrogen to decarbonize the meat by-product industry in Spain.

The project brings together two sources of clean electricity, wind energy and renewable hydrogen (H2) technology, to replace the natural gas currently used to treat and recover meat by-products in Spain.

Cabezo de San Roque, Aragón

The hydrogen production plant will be constructed near RESIDUOS ARAGON in Los Pitarcos, an industrial area of Muel (Zaragoza) in the Aragon region.

The plant will operate using energy from a wind farm in Cabezo de San Roque, approximately 6 km from the Residuos Aragon site.

Funding From The EU’s LIFE Program

The LIFE programme supports environmental, nature conservation and climate action projects throughout the EU.

Life Cabezo will bring together partners from 3 EU countries.

Life Cabezo is an alliance of partners from 3 EU Countries.

Our alliance brings together a wealth of expertise in:

  • Generating green energy
  • Developing and maintaining gas infrastructure
  • Supporting green mobility
  • Helping companies reduce their CO2 emissions
  • Designing and operating PEM H2 production systems
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    The LIFE CABEZO GREENH2 project has received funding from the European Union’s LIFE program under Grant Agreement No. LIFE20 CCM/ES/001694.
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